Dish Washing Bundle

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All Of The Suds, None Of The Waste

Use your dish brush and scrub the bar to create a foamy lather and wash your dishes as normal! The bar is formulated to cut through grease all while being gentle on the skin!

Sustainability In The Kitchen

Get started on your sustainable journey by taking one step closer to a plastic-free kitchen. By switching to a solid dish soap bar you can help divert plastic bottles from the landfill. Our plant-based dish brushes are biodegradable meaning no more wasteful dish sponges or plastic brushes ending up in the trash!

Earth-Friendly Ingredients

Our dish soap bars are handmade in small batch with a method called cold process. Cold process soap making combines raw oils and lye which through a chemical reaction causes saponification and creates soap! The oils we use are certified organic, vegan-friendly, fair-trade and cruelty-free. We only choose the highest quality ingredients available!

Customer Reviews

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Great purchase for not having a dishwasher

I’ve struggled with having a good efficient way of washing my dishes, especially when I have to do it everyday by hand. I love the brush, it doesn’t get grungy like a sponge. The soap is very concentrated as well, gets off any oil and grease. Also love getting away from them darn plastics!
Next up would be to get some variations in brushes.

Great bags

I bought these because I’m adding to my collection but these bags are wonderful. They wash up well. Highly recommend them.

Susana Maiztegui
Love the bundle!

First time using a bar of soap for washing pots and dishes, was pleasantly surprised at how well it cuts through grease. It's easy to was pots/dishes with a brush, love this idea and will definitely buy again.

Sarah Koehler
Love it!

Absolutely love the smell. Was surprised at how well it foams up and cut through grease.
Love the brush for pans and plates. Works really well on cups and glasses. I tend to go back to a sponge for silverware and smaller items.

Jody Sawatzky
Will buy again

The soap lathers more than expected and brush is perfect coarseness to scrub but not scratch. The scent of the dish soap is very subtle.