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Happy to have tried it!

To be honest, I was needing something to reach the free shipping rate and I picked that product...

But, as I came to try it, I was surprised at much lather it created and well it cleaned my hair. You barely need to apply and it foams instantly. Perhaps I would have like to have the smell a little more pronounced but it isn't at all a dealbreaker. Perhaps a friendly suggestion to simply look into :)

But frankly, simply being able to order and buy something that isn't made of plastic AND not wrapped in plastic feels like we've achieved the impossible. I hope this company is only starting this social change we all need

Love the way it suds up and the smell, my hair feels so clean and stripped of the build up I had in my hair from previous shampoos. Definitely won't be buying regular shampoo again.

100% love, love, love!!

I can't say enough words for your products I just love, your shampoo, conditioner and your bar soap, in your mint options. I am 62 years old and have always had very dry skin and hair!
My skin and hair now fill awesome, and so clean, and just down refreshed.
Your products took a bit to getting used to with everything in a bar form but after 3 months now I won't even look at another brand out where! Love, love, that your products are made here in Canada 🇨🇦 I can't wait to try your After shave oil.
Thank-you, for all you do.... looking forward to new products coming my way!
Warm regards,
Grandma Deb

Cause cloth

Loving my cause cloth. Goodbye to my paper towels 😊

Bathing Body Balm

I love these little bar soaps for taking a luxurious bath or even a quick hot shower. The scents are lovely but never overpowering or synthetic smelling. I especially like that there is no plastic involved in the packaging or in the product. They are handy for traveling and make a nice unusual gift for hosts. Highly recommended.

Natural Bar Soap | 4 Pack
Christine Patterson
Excellent product

My teenage boy opened the box as soon as it was delivered and jumped in the shower with the tea tree bar. It's a good thing we bought the long soap dish because we always have 2 soaps open at once, along with the shampoo bar. Definitely a re-order! Thanks!

Loved this combo!

I love this shampoo and conditioner. I have very oily roots, so it is difficult to find a great shampoo that deeply clean my roots but without drying my ends and a conditioner that does not weight it down. And this combo did that, I love how my hair is clean and soft after using them.

Hair care duo

I have very thin hair . I have tried very expensive shampoo and it made my hair very heavy and greasy looking by switch to your shampoo my hair is very soft and it always looks clean and it not greasy looking. I was so impressed I order my daughter some . thank you

Tea tree + mint soap: make the switch!

The soap bar was first used on my hands and it left them super soft and moisturized after I towel dried! I use it on my body with the exfoliating mitt and my skin is always left super soft and hydrated. It doesn’t strip the body’s natural oils. Once all my hand soaps are used up I will be switching over to the soap bars!! I can’t wait to try the lavender + bergamot next!

Enjoying my dish washing bundle

I love the bundle. The soap is really good, foaming really easy. Both brushes performe perfectly. I was surprised that sweden cloths actually made in Sweden- they are really good alternative for paper towels.

All of my awesome things!

I bought the set of dish soap, bamboo holder, and 2 dish brushes, short one and long handled one. As well as the bamboo utensils, shampoo bar and soap bag holder(you know for when you get all those little bits left over). They were out of stock for the green utensilt set, a little bummed but they did ask if the regular one was fine, I said yes. The only thing with the set that i found was that the spoon was a little on the big side but otherwise did the job. Everything else i bought has been just great. The dish soap smells great! and lathers up well and so does the shampoo!! Thank you. Live green and prosper!

I buy these all the time! Love them.

Love this so much. Leaves dishes squeaky clean and smells great.

Bamboo Pot Brush
Katya Bilokon
Excellent quality

Great brush, comfy to hold and compact

Dish washing kit

I love using this knowing I am not contributing to the plastic problem. It is a great solution easy and effective.

Solid Dish Soap Bar | Unscented | 4 Pack

Solid Dish Soap Bar

Solid Choice 😄
It suds well with great coverage, rinses nicely, and the bar is long lasting. Everything you want out of a solid dish soap bar.

Good Stuff

Very useful, good quality materials, makes cleaning fast and easy

Dish cloths

These are fabulous!

Cedar Soap Tray
Donna Stephens
Soap Tray

I love the soap tray. The brush would be better if it was round so you could use it in glasses and bottles. Otherwise I love it all.

fantastic shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo really cleans my hair and smells good! The conditioner isn't as easy to apply but it works good once you get some on your hair! They take up little space in the shower and the soap saver bags work good with them! Overall I would recommend both shampoo and conditioner

Very Nice products good quality.

Favorite shampoo!

I've been on a quest to f ind the best shampoo bar for my hair, which is fairly short and wavy. I do like to shampoo every day. This one is the winner for me! It cleans well without stripping natural oils. It sudses up to a very satisfying later, and smells great. It also lasts a long time if kept dry between uses.

Great soap

It smells good and my dishes look clean and with the brush it makes dishes quick and easy!


Love the bar. I wish the brush was circular