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Based on 266 reviews
Love this product

It lathers beautifully and it’s all we use now. This is a stellar product that I recommend to everyone.

2 Pack Natural Deodorant
Bernadette Brittain

The deodorant is amazing. I love it!

I can’t stop touching it.

I don’t often review products (nor do I ask to speak to managers), but I just tried the Hair Care Duo for the 1st time, and I am compelled to write a review. I have to admit I was pretty sceptical about using a bar shampoo/conditioner. I have long full hair that is mostly fine (the covered grey is a coarser texture), and it tangles easily after washing. I have been wanting something this is effective, natural, has less of an impact on the environment, smells great, and travels well. Bar form seems to be the answer.

Well, these bars are sooo satisfying to use. The shampoo makes my hair squeaky clean, and my scalp feels AMAZING! The bars take a bit more work to build up a lather, but it is well worth the effort! I thought the conditioner would not stand up to my unruly strands, but this BEAUTIFULLY SCENTED little disk is a SUPER HERO! I was doubting it until it came time to rinse. Slippery silky soft hair upon rinsing, and I had zero issues brushing it out. I often wash my hair in the evening and it tends to look flat by morning. Well that was not a problem with this dynamic hair care duo. I literally cannot stop touching my hair today, because it still feels so soft and fluffy. These hair care products tick ALL the boxes. I am obsessed!

Perfect transaction!

Love the well made product, great correspondence, fast shipping.

Love these!

These lather up really nicely and are easy to use. Not to mention, the scent is amazing. You’re going to have to try it for yourself!

Best shampoo and conditioner bar

I have tried many shampoo and conditioner bars. This is my absolute favourite so far! Makes my hair clean and soft. I would even say it’s better then my salon shampoo I used to buy!

Shaving Bundle
dakota Brandson
Love this bundle

The rose colour is beautiful, and the shave soap and oil make my skin so soft. I would 100% recommend

I am loving this cloth!

Received my order very quickly. I have been using this cloth for over a week now, and it is amazing. I was having trouble with stale stinky dishcloths even if I used them for one day and then threw it in the laundry. I resorted to J-cloths because I could throw them out after a few days. But this new cloth is amazing. I put it in the dishwasher (we don't use the dry cycle) and the cloth came out damp and like brand new. I would highly recommend this innovative cloth to everyone who owns a kitchen!!

Dish Washing Bundle
Mackenzie Riley
Exactly What I’ve Been Searching For!!

I have searched for a dish soap block that doesn’t leave my dishes spotted or cloudy without a vinegar rinse. This has concluded my search and I am so happy to have found a product that smells good, looks good and works even better!! The dish tray is beautiful and dries out fast. And the brush meets the needs that my shorter one does not!

great product!

I bought the dish washing package, I find it cleans better than the name brand liquid dish soap, a it smells great! Definitely going to be a reoccurring purchase for myself!

10/10 LOVE these

This is the 3rd brand of shampoo/conditioners I've tried and they are by far the best ones yet. They smell incredible and leave my hair smelling and feeling SO clean. As someone who washes their hair a couple times a week, I really notice when my (very fine) hair gets oily and this duo seems to really clean my scalp. The way my shower smells during and after I use them takes me into a spa for a moment. Highly recommend trying them out. Big fan! NO PLASTIC EITHER!!

Dish Washing Bundle
Annegret Morf
I'm very happy!

I'm so happy to have found these products because filling the world with plastic containers makes me sad. Apart from that, the soap and brush really work well and I also us a Loofah-sponge for some dishes.
Thank you Zero Waste MTMV for offering us these great products!

Love it!

Haven't tried everything in the bundle I bought yet, my the dish soap smells and cleans amazing!

Very happy

Very happy with this purchase. Love the dish soap and love the lather. Convenient to have the bar near the sink and clean up as we go!

Loofah sponge

These sponges are great for many cleaning purposes and they look nice too! I use one for dishes and it scrubs really well without being too abrasive. I use another as a body loofah and it does a nice job gently exfoliating. I use the other for scrubbing when cleaning around the house. They last a really long time too, mine still look brand new after several months.

Great cloths!

These cloths are so versatile. They’re the only thing that can truly replace paper towels because they are so absorbant! I use them as dish cloths and then after a couple months of daily use and washing in the washing machine + air drying when they start to look a little tattered I replace the dish cloth with a fresh one and start using the older one as a replacement for paper towels to mop up messy spills and stains that I wouldn’t want to ruin a new cloth. I have a few cloths that I’ve had for over a year and they are still going strong for cleaning the house. I’ll be able to keep using them for a lot longer before retiring them to the compost bin.

Best natural deodorant!

I love this deodorant! This is my second time ordering and I know I’ll just keep coming back for more. I love that it goes on clear and doesn’t leave a residue on my clothes. It leaves a gentle natural scent that I love. I have both the grapefruit and lavender scents and I like switching between the two throughout the week. I also like that you can reapply without getting a build up like you do with other deodorants, it goes on clear and melts into your skin. It also lasts a long time.

Dish Washing Bundle
Marcia Coffin
Great product

I just started using my dish soap and brush they work really well together really soapy I really glad I bought these products I highly recommend.

Adore these!

I absolutely love these bars! They smell so fresh and clean and made my hair so soft and easy to brush, I’ve tried many from lushes but these definitely are my #1 shampoo and conditioner bar:)

Nice smell and eco friendly

Loving the new soap. Nice smell and makes good froth, eco friendly! 😄

100% Recommend

This duo is absolutely worth buying! Not only am I supporting a local company but choosing a more sustainable option. There is no waste when shipped, the cardboard box the paper bag it comes in can be recycled or reused. Other than that, that's all it had for packaging. Simple and all you really need. The bars themselves have a nice subtle peppermint smell but actually, when used on my hair, the scent wasn't overpowering. My hair almost smells like nothing which is great as it feels very natural and almost unscented. The shampoo lathers up very nicely and left my hair squeaky clean. The conditioner doesn't later up quite as easily (this happens with other conditioner bars I have tried) but it still does a great job at moisturizing my hair and left it feeling silky soft. Some additional notes my hair is long, somewhat thick, tends to get oily and I prefer more gentle products. These products work great for me and my needs! The bars may seem small but they are definitely going to last a while and have lots of product packed in. The bars are very solid and don't feel like they will crumble or fall to pieces which is great. Quality product and quality results! Will definitely consider buying them in the future when my stock runs low.

Great product

I’m loving this shampoo/conditionner duo, smell super good, leave my hair feeling refreshed and well cleaned!

my curly hair has never been happier

i am so impressed with this product. my hair is naturally very curly. i struggle with frizz, it being dry, as well as damage from colour treatment. this combination is amazing on my hair. my hair dries so nicely, and doesn’t have any build-up that i normally get from heavy conditioners. it smells so nice and fresh too!

i’ve even gotten my mom hooked. i will definitely be purchasing this again in the future!

Great shampoo and conditioner

Love this product so much! The scent is amazing and smells like you just came out of a spa. The shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling so fresh and clean. Would definitely recommend these!

Shampoo & conditioner bars

I absolutely love the smell of these! The shampoo bar lathers up nicely and the conditioner detangles. My hair feels clean and looks great! Added bonus, I use the conditioner bar for shaving too! Love it.