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Fantastic Dish soap bar

This really is a fantastic produce. It lasts a long time, smells wonderful and really eliminates grease for all surfaces.

Cedar patchouli shampoo and conditioner bars

My go to shampoo bar has always been the eucalyptus mint which I absolutely love but decided to try the new cedar patchouli. I was not disappointed - I think I found my new favorite! ❤️

Great dish soap and brush

I love the concentrated dish soap bar as an alternative to regular bottled dish soap. It lathers really well which makes the biggest difference when it comes to bar soaps, and the whole set looks so cute and clean in my kitchen :)

Kitchen Essentials Bundle
Linda in Montana
Love this bundle

I love the products in this bundle, all the types of things needed in the kitchen. Everything is working as should, love the suds of the soap. The loofah pad is the only object I am not using as much as the other items. Scrubs fine, it just is not as pliable as needed to get into the corners of dishes. I have not tried the reusable bags so am excited to see how that works for me. Gave one of each item (except the soap and brush, not going to share those, she will have to get her to my daughter so will be getting more when needed.
The package came through fine and in good time. Good company to deal with. I will be shopping more with zero waste mvmt.

I love this razor

I was a bit nervous to use this razor for the first time because I heard it's easier to cut yourself with the single blade than the multiple blade disposable razors. My first time, I went really slow and was very careful around my ankles and knees, and I didn't cut myself! My second time I was more confident, and it was very easy. As soon as you get the hang of this razor, you'll see how much better it is than multi-blade disposable razors.

Bamboo Pot Brush
Melody Crane
Bambi pot brush

The pot scrubber is great. It doesn’t scratch the surfaces of pots or other items.

Ultimate Dish Washing Bundle
doreen jakimovski doreen jakimovski
Amazing. Just. Amazing

I got the dish cleaning pack through airmiles points. Wow!
I love everything. The soap works terrific (even on my dogs slavia ridden dishes.
The dish clothes hold a ton of water and soap so I almost did my whole kitchen before I had to rinse.
Great product. Will never go back to plastic ware again.
Thank you!

Dish Washing Bundle
Jasmine Kim
Amazing product

Love it!! I’m my quest to reduce plastic but not compromise the task at hand, these products easily fit the bill!! Thank you for creating such amazing products

love it

smells great, makes my hair feel silky smooth, and i love the zero waste packaging

Love Them

Great Smell! Cleans well without drying out my hair!

I love love love this product . It is way superior to other products like this one .


I am obsessed with how this makes melt hair feel, it actually feels clean and refreshed! My partner also really loves it for his curls! We have the mint one and it smells lovely and feels so good on the scalp! I highly recommend

Love this product!

Now please stop asking. I sent my review the first time and you've asked me 2x since then. 9ne review should be enough.

Dish Washing Bundle
Kelly Point
Dish washing bundle

Very satisfied with quality of product. Will continue using!

Soap Saver

So far the Sisal Soap Saver bag has been great! Especially when the soap gets smaller!

Great product!

I love the shampoo and conditioner bars. They smell great and make my hair feel clean and light - not weighed down like traditional hair products. And it's sustainable! My shampoo bar lasts about 4 months, conditioner bar lasts about 5 months.

Dish Washing Bundle
Cynthia Gobin
Love this product!

Perfect for my use throughout the day. The soap is lovely, mild and free of scents, super effective with the brush. I'm recommending to all my friends. Well done zero Waste Movement!

Wonderful communication, sustainable packaging, solid products!

My first order with ZWMVMT was extremely positive. I received a timely personal email update that there would be a delay in shipping related to an inventory discrepancy. Subsequent order status updates followed. The order was sustainably packaged including the option to plant the shave bar wrapper which is embedded with wildflower seeds, a very nice touch. If changing from a disposable razor, this type of razor has a little bit of a learning curve, but is effective and easy to use. I would not hesitate to order again and highly recommend this business.

I highly recommend

This is my first time using bar shampoo and conditioner, and after a lot of research I decided to try this brand. So far it works great, I love how easily it lathers into my hair and how clean it feels afterwards. I will definitely be getting this soap again!

Shaving Bundle
Agatha Friesen
Husband loves his razor

I was going to get this for my husband for Christmas, but they didn't have the color I wanted in stock. So they gave me the option of waiting a few weeks and they'd have them back in stock. I was willing to wait since I didn't wanna get my husband a rose gold razor. When we got the package, we got an extra little gift for the wait, which wasn't necessary but it made the gift all the better. We really like everything we got in our bundle. The products are unique, and have a great scent (shaving bar & shampoo).
By the sounds of it, this, one blade razor is a keeper and ain't going back to the other razors.
Hoping to try more of your products.

Eucalyptus bar shampoo

This was my very first time using a bar shampoo and I was little sceptical about it at first.
It was amazing first time experience because it smelled sooo good and lathered really nicely with gentle foam.
Also awesome thing was that styling is so easy after.
Thank you 🤩

2 Pack Swedish Dishcloth
Charlotte A Walkty
Swedish dish cloths

I love how these cloths wipe up messes without leaving streaks! Ordering and delivery with this company was smooth and efficient! I recommend this small business for the quality of their products and their service.

I love it!!

I’ve used this shampoo & conditioner a couple of times so far. It leaves my hair soft and doesn’t look greasy soon after which is important to me as I try to only wash my hair once a week. And clean ingredients! Checks all of my boxes :)
I’ll be curious so see how long it lasts me.

Best shampoo & conditioner

My only regret buying the shampoo & conditioner is that I didn’t buy it sooner. I’ve wasted so much money on products that weren’t right for my hair. I love that it’s made in Canada and the packing is totally recyclable.

Shave Bar
Meredith H
Blossom Shave Bar is Magic!

I dont general purchase anything extra to shave with, I generally just use whatever soap or bodywash that is in the shower. But decide to try the shave bar out. It is hands down the best! Scent is pleasant, the lather is good and makes me feel good that I am not putting chemicals on my body!