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The Future Is Plastic-Free

Plastic. Free. Living. Doesn't that sound sweet? Not only do we keep plastic packaging (far) away from our products and parcels, we make sure our products have a proper after-life, meaning they are either biodegradable, compostable or recyclable and won't end up in landfill! ✨

Customer Reviews

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Karen G
I'm still in shock!

It's been well over a week, and I don't stink!!! And trust me, I keep checking. This past summer I was reapplying different natural deoderants several times a day and wondering what was happening. This new lavender deoderant helped me survive the first week back to school including all the outdoor time and stress sweats that went with this first week! I'll be ordering more very soon!

Back for more!

This is my third time reordering this deodorant! I love the natural lavender smell (no artificial fragrances!), that it doesn’t leave any residue on my clothes and that it actually works (unlike so many other natural deodorants I’ve tried!). I highly recommend this and will keep coming back for more.

2pk Natural Deodorant - Finally!

Finally! Natural deodorants that actually work! I have tried countless brands and had nearly given up hope, but then gave it one more shot with these two. I was so thrilled to discover they actually work. The scents aren't too intense either, which is great for those of us who are sensitive to strong odours. Will definitely be buying again. So great.

Olivia Lan

I was hesitating to try natural deodorants as my past experiences with those were not pleasant. But I still give it a try with low expectations. And… it realllllly works! No harsh chemicals no plastic, even after a day time, I still find myself smell good. Just get it!
downsides: the packaging is made of paper, so after few times of usage, it kind broken down.

lily geraghty
great product

I was impressed with this product, great scent and it works well. It also applies far better than any other deodorant I have tried with the cardboard applicator, not crumbly at all which is fantastic. It is a bit smaller than I expected. I was impressed with this companies customer service and shipping speed.