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The Future Is Plastic-Free

Plastic. Free. Living. Doesn't that sound sweet? Not only do we keep plastic packaging (far) away from our products and parcels, we make sure our products have a proper after-life, meaning they are either biodegradable, compostable or recyclable and won't end up in landfill! ✨

Customer Reviews

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Karen Clarke
Love it!!

Absolutely love my scrub brushes and dish soap bar ! My dishes are left clean and I love that I’m not have to recycle a large soap dish bottle .

C. Coupart

I am thrilled with every item the sops are outstanding and the brushes ate GREAT ! You customer service is wonderful! I’m planning to be a very steady customer Your customer service is excellent!

Heather (BC, Canada)
Love this soap!

Took a minute to get used to (not as bubbly and having retrain our brains to get soap off the block with a cloth to wash dishes), but now we love it!
No more eco guilt while doing the dishes.

Sharlianne Lachaine

J’aime comment c’est pratique. Je n’ai qu’à étirer mon bras et frotter ma brosse à vaisselle dessus et voilà! C’est beaucoup mieux que mon ancien! J’adore. Je vais en racheter c’est sur! ❤️

Great purchase for not having a dishwasher

I’ve struggled with having a good efficient way of washing my dishes, especially when I have to do it everyday by hand. I love the brush, it doesn’t get grungy like a sponge. The soap is very concentrated as well, gets off any oil and grease. Also love getting away from them darn plastics!
Next up would be to get some variations in brushes.