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Travel Bamboo Utensil Set With Pouch

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100% Natural Bamboo Utensils

🌎 All-natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo cutlery set including fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks and a straw + cleaner brush.

This set rolls up nicely and is secured with a metal snap fasteners. It is the perfect size to keep in your car, purse, backpack, or lunchbox!

🗑 An estimated 40 billion plastic utensils are thrown away each year! The biggest issue is that plastic utensils are “convenient” and that you’re usually left with no other alternative while out and about. 

🌿 Keeping a set of these utensils with you will make it easy to say no to single-use plastic utensils when you’re on the go, getting take out or wherever else!

With these stylish colours, this set also makes a great gift for those aspiring low wasters around you. Your friend, grandma, uncle and heck even your neighbour will enjoy this little gift 🤗

Care: It is recommended that you hand wash the utensils to preserve the natural bamboo

Size: The set dimensions are 23 x 5 cm



Zero Waste MVMT is a Canadian company from Winnipeg, Manitoba. All of our products are designed to help you reduce waste in an economic and eco-friendly way! We always ship plastic-free in recycled cardboard boxes, sealed with paper tape. A tree is planted with every purchase!🌲

Customer Reviews

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Annele Sipols

The utensils are very well made and sturdy and I bought it as a Christmas gift and my sister loves them. They also give a handwritten note which added a very nice touch. Love them!!

CJ Betournay
Loooove this cutlery set

Nice compact and convenient cutlery set. It's great for school, work, and a perfect little addition to my travel baggage. I always felt a sense of guilt when I had no other option than to use plastic utensils in the past, and the thought of my five-minute meal resulting in a piece of plastic stuck on our planet for centuries, genuinely made the food less enjoyable. But this set was a game changer. Love the convenience and design of the set. High quality material and bamboo utensils. Thanks ZWM!

Kim Lefko
For on the go

This set is perfect to keep in your lunch kit and in the car. I used to forget to pack utensils and have had to eat salad etc with my fingers but now I just leave the whole kit in my car and I'm all set. So whether I'm stopping for a drink or take out I always have all the utensils (straw, fork spoon, knife). I love that it's all eco friendly!

Picnic everyday

I keep these in my lunch bag and use them at work. (I am the worst for forgetting the proper utensils in my lunch..) This has one of everything and I’m not left eating spaghetti with a spoon anymore!👍🏻
Also the fabric is really nice quality and it’s nice & compact

Perfect for travel

I recently brought this set with me on a trip. It was so convenient and it felt good to be able to refuse single-use cutlery at restaurants.