Dish Washing Bundle

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All Of The Suds, None Of The Waste

Use your dish brush and scrub the bar to create a foamy lather and wash your dishes as normal! The bar is formulated to cut through grease all while being gentle on the skin!

Sustainability In The Kitchen

Get started on your sustainable journey by taking one step closer to a plastic-free kitchen. By switching to a solid dish soap bar you can help divert plastic bottles from the landfill. Our plant-based dish brushes are biodegradable meaning no more wasteful dish sponges or plastic brushes ending up in the trash!

Earth-Friendly Ingredients

Our dish soap bars are handmade in small batch with a method called cold process. Cold process soap making combines raw oils and lye which through a chemical reaction causes saponification and creates soap! The oils we use are certified organic, vegan-friendly, fair-trade and cruelty-free. We only choose the highest quality ingredients available!

Customer Reviews

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Christine L
I will never use any other product

I have tried all there products, I'm a customer for life, thank you!

Monica Reed
Great products

Why didn't I make the switch sooner!? The dish soap, scrub brush and loofas are proving to be great replacements to our plastic scrub brush and regular sponge. The brush is soft, but tough enough, and the soap is nice and sudsy, seems to work well -even on grease-, and seems to be lasting well.

Jasmyne Meyer
Love it!!

Not only do I love this bundle but my 19 year old son made comments about loving it! That speaks volumes! 😊
Would recommend to everyone.

Amazing dish soap!

This dish soap works so well! I wasn't sure if it would cut through the frying pan grease but it does, yay! The instruction video was very helpful to watch before using the product as it helped me to use the soap properly and make it all work really well for me. I even used the same bar to spot clean some stains on my winter jacket, and I wonder: Do you plan to create large laundry soap bars also? That would be wonderful! Thank you for all that you do.

Brittany M
perfect soap and brush

love the smell and how gentle it is on my skin but how easily it gets rid of grease and food