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2 Pack Swedish Dishcloth

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♻️ Introducing our biodegradable eco-friendly dishcloths! 

🌎 These dishcloths are durable, reusable and can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels! They are highly absorbent which makes them perfect to tackle any mess in the kitchen, bathroom or general house cleaning!

🌿 They are made from cellulose (wood pulp) and cotton which means they are plastic-free and back yard compostable. Due to the nature of the materials used, they are naturally anti-bacterial meaning they won't get the "dishcloth" smell.

Each cloth can be washed and reused and typically lasts for 4-6 months, or more depending on use!

Washing/ Care: Dishcloths can be washed in your washing machine or by hand, leave out to air dry.


Zero Waste MVMT is a Canadian company from Winnipeg, Manitoba. All of our products are designed to help you reduce waste in an economic and eco-friendly way! We always ship plastic-free in recycled cardboard boxes, sealed with paper tape. A tree is planted with every purchase!🌲

Customer Reviews

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Haley Oglan

WOW! Incredible! I have always been very picky with the cleaning clothes/sponges that I have used when washing dishes but I am very happy that I dived in and got these. Watching them become soft under just a drop of water was impressive. They hold the soap well and can take a beating on dirty dishes. I love being able to use them to wipe up messes on my counter as well. It's so easy to rinse. I love this product so much! Not only am I wasting less with switching but I am saving SO much money! I would highly recommend these!

Romina Iafrate
Dish cloth

The dishcloth is very absorbent and doesn’t hold odour. Washes well too.


I love how they absorb liquid so much better than paper towels and I can wash them!!!

Better than paper towels

They’re literally the best and they are so much better than paper towels!

Wyn Farrow

The Dishcloths are amazing and so pretty. The perfect size for wiping around the kitchen. They work so well!!